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Our line of self-serve WaterStations purify water to the highest standard and percolate it through a series of natural minerals to create a virtual spring water with electrolytes and an alkaline pH.


planet friendly

human healthy

Based in the Greater Seattle Area, we stand at the forefront of water purification and filtration.  We have developed groundbreaking self-serve purification systems that produce premium mineral water that is not only more affordable than most bottled water, but also much more ecologically responsible. 

Young Family with Pet Dog

I’ve used water filtration systems before but

nothing like the WST-200. Not only is it

packaged in a sleek and accessible cabinet,

but the quality and taste of the water is

unbelievable. I now know my family and my

pets are now drinking the cleanest and purest water available.

Jerry B.  Boise, Idaho



2732 Grand Avenue, Suite 122 

Everett, WA 98201

Tel: 877-475-7717

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