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Our mission is to provide individuals, towns, cities and whole nations with a healthier and less expensive drinking water delivered through more responsible purification systems that do not damage the environment.


We feel privileged to be on the vanguard of a movement to purify the world’s drinking water, which itself is the essence of life.

Ryan Wear
Managing Member/Director of Operations & Investor Relations

Ryan's deep knowledge of the vending machine market is key in the strategic planning and imminent deployment of the WaterStation™.


WaterStation Technology™ promises to be the next generation in water purification and delivery, and Ryan Wear is the business mind behind the movement.

Nick Streeter
Member/Director of Business & Product Development

Nick and his colleagues developed and designed the intellectual property and cabinet system that is WaterStation Technology's flagship model, the WST-700™.


Hands-on with every phase of development, design and sales, he continues to oversee the expansion of the entire WST product line as well as being a major contributor to the overall business strategy.

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