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​How long has WaterStation Technology been in business?

  • We've been in the water business for 5 years, but in traditional vending for over 40 years


How many Office Water Coolers (Units) should we expect to sell each week?

  • We do not guarantee sales, but based on our experience, each sales rep should rent 2-4 units a week if they follow our sales process 

How often do filters need to be changed out? 

  • There are different filters, some are changed out annually, others every 2-3 years depending on use

What is the size of a Territory? 

  • Territories are defined by zip codes (roughly 100).   

Can a Dealer Partner buy more than one Territory? 

  • Yes, but only if the Dealer Partners wants to make his/her territory of choice exclusive. 

Will the Territories be exclusive?

  • There is a $10,000 fee to isolate your territory. Territories can be made exclusive at any time and all Dealership Partners will be notified in advance if there is a prospective dealer looking at his/her territory. This will allow the Dealership Partner to buy the exclusive rights and box out prospective investors.

Is there a residential water unit?

  • Yes, we are redesigning our WST-100 (our residential unit). We do not have a definitive availability date yet, but are working to have a product available for sale around mid-2018. As an options, some customers opt to install the WST-200 at their homes. 

Can this business be run from home?

  • Yes, office space is not requires. We suggest running this as an at-home business

How many units do I need to sell to recoup my initial investment?

  • This depends on the monthly rents you are able to achieve. All variables aside, a Dealer Partner should be able to recoup their $40,000 investment by renting 20-30 units. Remember, the Dealer Partners starts with 10 units as part of the initial package. 

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